Factors to Consider for Choosing Designer Sarees Online

When we listen to about the phrase saree, instantly we know its source. Yes, sarees actually started from India. And when it comes to indian outfits, newest designer sarees are what makes a lady look amazing and stunning. The best part is that ladies of different body size can wear a saree, no matter whether she is slim, fat, tall, short etc.

Now days ladies choose dressed in designer sarees which will not only bring out the real elegance in a lady but also they will get a pride of pleasure while dressed in such wonderful sarees. The latest sarees come in various brilliant shades and wealthy decoration. Sarees are also known to be the conventional outfits of a lady. Even though a saree is a long strip of fabric, it is used in different designs in various states of India. Designer sarees are not only popular in India but also many Hollywood celebrities have started dressed in one during the red carpet award functions.

There are two main aspects that govern designer sarees. They are-

Experiment – Designer sarees demand for constant experimentation. This is performed to make sure which style will are very effective with people and which will not. So, fashion designers are often seen operating relentlessly on such sarees, be it be the appearance of the saree or the material of the saree or even the height of the saree.

Design and shades – The design and shade of these sarees are also very significant to look into. Nowadays, strong shades are making a return in designer sari.

Material that is usually used for designer sarees are pure cotton, soft silk, georgette, chiffon etc. Mostly these sarees are worn during unique events such as marriage ceremony, spiritual events, award functions, parties, get together etc.

Ladies typically buy such kind of sarees for exceptional event. Sarees with heavy embroidery are worn typically during a marriage ceremony, while shiny shaded sarees with light work are typically worn during a birthday party. So, it is significant to recognize an even before planning to buy designer sarees.

The fast changing fashion trends have modified the conventional designer sarees into new attractive gorgeous clothing. The designers are providing this in wonderful colors and motifs. One has a choice to buy it from the well-known marketplace or can simply buy these designer sarees online.

For designer sarees online shopping, visit Panache Haute Couture, a leading online store for Indian ethnic wear offer huge collection of designer sarees as per the latest fashion trends. These are available in a comprehensive range of designs and patterns.

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Grace Celebrations with Party Wear Lehengas

When talking about women’s clothing, lehengas are certainly a special attire in the heart and mind of every women. This is undeniably the most popular costume that perfectly matches all the auspicious occasions. It is one of those outfits that women love wearing for grand occasions like festivals, weddings and parties.

Party wear lehengas are undoubtedly the most popular innovation of Indian designers. It allows women to look traditional, in a stylish manner. It is considered as the most glamourous outfit for women of Indian origin. With the fashion trends eluting in a fast pace, Indian women are also become accustomed to these changes. They are now accepting glamourous outfits to make fashion statements.

A lehenga choli is basically a ghaghra-choli assemblage, which was once the traditional outfit of Indian women. But now, designers have transformed this assemblage in to a designer attire. They have used various innovative designs to add charm to these outfits. They strive hard to offer exclusive looks to the collection and also resort to use the latest designing techniques.

Designers these days use innovative cuts and designer patches while crafting their collections. These cuts and patches give a modern and westernized touch to their collection that add to instant glamour of the wearer.

The most pleasing feature of these designer lehenga cholis is the impressive representation of embroidery. This embroidered artwork is used to create impressive designs using various decorative items. Various decorative items like sequins, beads, pearls, stones, crystals, threads of different kinds and several other items are used to craft fascinating motifs.

An additional favorable feature of this attire is its remarkably printed motifs. The colors are undoubtedly the most important part of the outfit. These are widely used so as to mark the magnificence of the occasion. Designers use various color combinations to meet the diverse requirements of the buyers. With the transformation in the fashion trends, the likings of the buyers have also changed significantly. Now they have a preference of wearing off beat colors. And this is why the designers are offering their collections in the most captivating color pallets to meet the varied demands of the customers.

Designer party wear lehengas are available in an extensive range of shades and designs. Leading brands and the reputed stores are offering their assemblies in wide collections.  Panache Haute Couture is an online store offering the best and the latest party wear lehengas online. Other than lehenga cholis, it also has a huge collection of party wear and bridal suits, sarees, gowns and accessories.

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Try Designer Lehenga Choli This Karwa Chauth

India is a land of multitudes of festivities and cultures; times to dress traditionally are always around the corner. As we all knows that Karwa Chauth is approaching soon and all married Indian women must be all set for a big time shopping activity for this festival. It is an auspicious festival, where every woman keeps a one day fast for their husband’s longevity. Today, Karwa Chauth has become more of a community festival, where all married women of the community wear beautiful traditional designer clothes and get together for celebrations.

The festival reflects the joys and glories of being married. Henna, jewelry, marital attire, sargi and roli reflect the marital status of a woman. Since the festival of Karwa Chauth spins around the sacredness of marriage and celebrated in quite a traditional way, one of the central desires of every Indian woman on this festival is to dress up in stunning Indian Clothes to look like a bride during the evening rituals.

Rich shades like red, maroon, orange, pink, yellow, blue and green are the most preferable ones when it comes to Indian marriages even today and hence for Karwa Chauth also these traditional colors are opted by all the married women.

They can choose to wear saree, salwar kameez or lehenga choli on this propitious day. While sarees and salwar kameez are certainly a classic choice but a dash of glamour and style could be chosen for this Karwa Chauth by buying a designer Lehenga Choli online.

There are many styles of Lehenga Cholis available in the market today. Some of the varieties in lehengas are: flared, panelled, mermaid, A-line, sharara cut, half saree, lehangas with a jacket and straight cut. The choli also comes in numerous styles, some of them are: low back line, jacket styled, short sleeves or sleeveless cholis, etc. So, it gets difficult to pick the one that suits you the best. Go through the below given chart to match the style with your body shape before ordering it.

Lehenga Style Body shape
Flared Apple shape, Hourglass Shape, Pear Shape, Straight Shape
Paneled Pear Shape, Hourglass Shape, Petite Body Type
Mermaid Hourglass Shape, Rectangle body shape
A-line Hourglass, Pear Shape, Tall Body Structure
Sharara cut Apple Shape, Pear Shape, Straight Shape, Hourglass Shape, Tall Body Structure
Half saree Apple, Pear Shape, Hourglass, Tall Body Structure
Lehangas with jacket Apple, Hourglass, Inverted Triangle, Tall Body Structure
Straight cut Apple Shape, Hourglass Shape, Straight Shape

Married women look beautiful when dressed up in Lehenga Cholis and accessorized with traditional Indian Jewelry. If you also want to look gorgeous and traditional this karwa chauth, then buy Lehenga Choli online. You are just few clicks away from your perfect outfit for this occasion. Panache Haute Couture is an online designer boutique with the largest collection of designer Lehenga Cholis, Sarees, Suits and Gowns.

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Finding The Perfect Lehenga Choli For Your Body Type

The wedding is perhaps that one day when every girl wants to look her absolute best. For this day she is pampered, nurtured and treated like a princess so that her body and mind glows from within and her beauty radiates at its best. All things apart, her attire is also one of the most pivotal factors in creating the perfect look for the Big D Day! Girls may pick the best designer label to flaunt the best lehenga choli in town, it will fail to create the impact it is supposed to if the style doesn’t suit their body shape.

It is really important for a bride to pick a lehenga choli according to her body type. Irrespective of an hourglass, pear, apple or rectangle frame, choosing the right lehenga style for your body type is the most essential step towards a glittery and elegant wedding look.

Let’s find out your body type and pick the right lehenga choli style accordingly:

  1. The Hour Glass Frame

Trust us, you are blessed to have the perfect body shape. A proportional bust, waist and hip ratio ensures that almost everything looks perfect on you. You should accentuate your very feminine body so fitted clothes are the key. A lehenga with a mermaid silhouette and a fitted short choli will highlight your shape perfectly.

  1. The Rectangle Frame

The rectangle frame is one of the easier body types for dressing. As a rectangle, you have a skinny athletic frame and your clothing should be such that creates more curves for a pleasing silhouette. You can easily do this by defining the waist and creating curves on the top or bottom.

For the lehenga, you can pick up a wide, full skirt in stiffer fabric to add volume to the bottom. Pair it with a fully embellished, plunging, low or tummy topper choli to create an illusion of curves.

  1. The Pear Frame

The pear frame, the most typically Indian body shape, is slender at the top and heavy at the bottom. The joy of dressing for your body type is to achieve a pleasing look that accentuates your looks. For the lehenga perspective, you should emphasize your shoulders, draw attention to your upper body and elongate the legs. An A-line lehenga that fits at the waist and is flared in an A-shape to them hem shall be the perfect choice for you. Top it up with puffy sleeves and heavy ornate choli to balance the overall look.

  1. The Apple Frame:

To be honest, an apple frame is not the easiest shape to dress and women with this shape will be aware of this. A woman with an apple frame has no defined waist, the weight tends to form on the stomach and the bust size varies from average to large.

For you, full flared lehengas are just perfect. The bottom being wide will make the waist look smaller and will make your body look more proportionate. You should avoid heavy embroidery around the waist and enjoy it around the hem of the lehenga. The dupatta can be draped from the front, covering the waist.

  1. The Inverted Triangle Frame:

The inverted triangle frame or a cone shaped frame is exactly opposite of the pear shape frame, with a broader top and a narrower bottom. If you have such a body shape, it is important for you to balance both the parts in the right way.

You can opt for a flared lehenga with a pleated waist and pair it up with a not-so-ornate choli maybe with a plunging neckline. This will enhance your shoulders and define your bust while driving all the attention to the bottom. Use softer fabrics to layer the top with jackets and capes to create a balanced look.

Knowing your body shape is just one aspect of dressing. Another vital aspect is where to buy dresses from. It is really important to choose high quality clothing for that head-turning glamorous look. For lehenga choli online shopping, visit Panache Haute Couture. A leading online ethnic wear store offers exclusive collection of Designer Sarees, designer Salwar Kameez, Bridal Collection as Bridal Sarees and Bridal Lehenga, partywear lehenga, party wear sarees, Bollywood Wedding Dresses etc.

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The Stunning New Trends in Designer Lehenga Cholis

As we welcome another wedding season with much glitz and fanfare, designer outfits also take another leap into faith in this new season. As we gear up to embrace new styles, new trends and new silhouettes, there are some attires that continue to rule the roost, no matter what!

If you are someone who is looking for the latest designs and styles in Designer Lehenga Cholis, Panache Haute Couture has some of the fieriest designs that you may want to try this wedding season.

The Lehenga Gown Fusion

If you are to attend the wedding of your best friend or that of some relative, you can opt for a lehenga gown fusion for that beautiful blend of modern and traditional look.

It is basically a fusion of the traditional lehenga choli and western gowns. It is a lehenga choli attached for the look of a gown and can be carried with or without dupatta. These dresses come in various fabrics such as silk, net, chiffon, georgette and the like.

You can opt for a gown like this, a pretty shaded peach color in georgette. The yoke of the dress is embellished with thread and zardozi work, the deep back neck has a pretty motif embellished with the same thread and zardozi work and the bottom is designed with golden and blue borders. The dupatta also has embroidered motifs.











Jacket Style Cholis

Jacket Style Cholis teamed with lehengas are the trendiest variations among women and various designers these days. These are perfect for any season and give a different look compared to the regular lehenga choli designs. These are definitely an amazing pick for events such as mehendi, engagement and reception parties.

For that best look, opt for cholis in lighter fabrics like net, georgette and chiffon and team it with a combination of heavy fabrics of silk, satin, and velvet. Add glamour to the attire by opting for rich color combinations like maroon and gold, green and silver, gold and white, burgundy and gold, navy and copper and the like.


The ‘Forever-in-Trend’ Ghagra Choli

You’d not be called a primitive if you like to stick to the traditional style of designer lehenga choli. There are a number of options to choose from: from the basic A-line lehenga to mermaid-style. These dresses are forever in trend and look amazing on all age groups. Adorn in different color contrasts and fabrics, these are among the most popular choice of attires among the brides, bridesmaids and for all other attending weddings.


You can explore options on the website. Panache Haute Couture has a vast variety of designer lehenga cholis for brides, bridesmaids and all others.

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The Fusion Fashion from India: Indo-Western Gowns

India is a country with a huge cultural assortment. The diverse cultural acceptance is what makes it inimitable and interesting in a single pounce. It’s the uniqueness of the Indian culture that has encouraged the Indian designers to craft elegant and eternal clothing. Their designs replicate their rich cultural legacy which makes it all the more alluring.

The union of the ancient Indian heritage and the modern design trends gave birth to the Indo Western Trends. It’s a unique blend of Indian and Western cultures that is astonishingly graceful and beautiful. If you have a great sense of fashion, then you will undeniably and indisputably fall for the indo western dresses. They come in all manner of colors, patterns, designs and shapes. For that grace and delight, designers work to their best to design unique yet modern pieces of clothing with an Indian twist.

The Charm of the Indo Western Dresses

When talking about the fashion trends, Indo western gowns are taking the fashion world by a storm. The collaboration of cultural art, contemporary designs and current trends together make it a sensation for women across the globe. The versatility of this clothing suits all women regardless of their race, cultural beliefs, or backgrounds.

Indo-Western gowns have gained admiration among women across the globe merely because it doesn’t concuss anyone’s faith. On a lighter note, if you adore fashion trends and want to turn heads for all the good reasons, Indo-Western gowns are the way to go.

Which Occasions Best Suits these Dresses?

Indo Western Gowns can be worn anytime any day. But customarily they are associated with special occasions like festivals, weddings and even high-end parties and events. This is because it brings a fourth style sophistication with class. For instance: a saree with a jumpsuit touch is ideal for evening parties and weddings. This finest craftsmanship is also embraced by the Bollywood and Hollywood actresses on the red carpets.

Different people have different preferences, some like to wear sarees for dinners while some prefer wearing gowns for weddings. Indo western gowns are the dresses that compliment all body types and all occasions. One can obviously experiment with the fabric, the style, the colors and the embellishments on it.

Where to Buy?

Online shopping is another latest trend that has been easing our lives for a while now. Just like everything else, you can also shop for fancy-wear online. However, be cautioned of being cheated by phishing sites that pop up every now and then.

Panache Haute Couture is one such online store that offers bridal sarees, lehengas, indo-western gowns, suits and everything that can fancy you at really affordable prices.


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Bridal Lehenga Cholis: Fashioned With Specifications for your Special Day

Indian weddings are known for their pomp and show. Weddings in India are considered as the most auspicious occasion in one’s life. Customs and traditions in Indian weddings make them even more interesting.

The bride and groom are certainly the most important personalities in a wedding ceremony. It is essential for them to dress their best on their special day. For the groom, ethnic achkans, sherwanis, embellished kurtas are considered the most suitable outfits. While for the bride, bridal lehenga choli is considered the most appropriate dress.

Bridal lehengas are considered as the most glorious attires in the Indian ethnic wear. They are basically a combination of embellished traditional ghagra or a long skirt and a blouse or the top.

Every bride desires to look special on this auspicious occasion. In order to cater to this demand, designers use impressive combinations of fabrics like crepe, net, silk, satin etc. They also use striking color combinations while crafting these beautiful dresses. The color red is considered the color of love and is the most extensively used for Indian brides.

Yet, the changes in fashion have changed the mind sets of the brides-to-be. The present day brides prefer wearing unconventional colors on their special days. To meet their requirements, designers are now offering their collections in exclusive colors like green, turquoise, orange, yellow, pink, beige etc.

The embroidery and the embellishments are the most integral part of a bridal lehenga. It is basically the artwork of the embroidery that the artists use to transform a normal lehenga to a bridal lehenga. Superfluities like beads, stones, sequins are used to create impressive motifs to decorate the attire. The motifs are used on the borders as well as on the neckline.

An aspect to be noticed is if same embellishments are used, how do these dresses differ from each other? It is the cuts and designs that make these dresses differ from each other. Different styles prevalent these days are: Cinderella style lehengas, Mermaid styled lehengas, High and Low Hem lehengas, Jacket style lehengas, and more. One can also experiment with the cholis, its length and its neckline.

You can get bridal lehengas in a comprehensive range of designs easily from the leading online stores. The foremost reason to opt for online shopping is that it provides good discounts on the products. Hence, there is nothing wrong in buying a bridal lehenga choli online.

For buying bridal lehenga choli online, visit Panache Haute Couture. It is a fabled ethnic online store that offers exclusive collection of designer lehenga cholis, salwar kameez, sarees and gowns.

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