The Fusion Fashion from India: Indo-Western Gowns

India is a country with a huge cultural assortment. The diverse cultural acceptance is what makes it inimitable and interesting in a single pounce. It’s the uniqueness of the Indian culture that has encouraged the Indian designers to craft elegant and eternal clothing. Their designs replicate their rich cultural legacy which makes it all the more alluring.

The union of the ancient Indian heritage and the modern design trends gave birth to the Indo Western Trends. It’s a unique blend of Indian and Western cultures that is astonishingly graceful and beautiful. If you have a great sense of fashion, then you will undeniably and indisputably fall for the indo western dresses. They come in all manner of colors, patterns, designs and shapes. For that grace and delight, designers work to their best to design unique yet modern pieces of clothing with an Indian twist.

The Charm of the Indo Western Dresses

When talking about the fashion trends, Indo western gowns are taking the fashion world by a storm. The collaboration of cultural art, contemporary designs and current trends together make it a sensation for women across the globe. The versatility of this clothing suits all women regardless of their race, cultural beliefs, or backgrounds.

Indo-Western gowns have gained admiration among women across the globe merely because it doesn’t concuss anyone’s faith. On a lighter note, if you adore fashion trends and want to turn heads for all the good reasons, Indo-Western gowns are the way to go.

Which Occasions Best Suits these Dresses?

Indo Western Gowns can be worn anytime any day. But customarily they are associated with special occasions like festivals, weddings and even high-end parties and events. This is because it brings a fourth style sophistication with class. For instance: a saree with a jumpsuit touch is ideal for evening parties and weddings. This finest craftsmanship is also embraced by the Bollywood and Hollywood actresses on the red carpets.

Different people have different preferences, some like to wear sarees for dinners while some prefer wearing gowns for weddings. Indo western gowns are the dresses that compliment all body types and all occasions. One can obviously experiment with the fabric, the style, the colors and the embellishments on it.

Where to Buy?

Online shopping is another latest trend that has been easing our lives for a while now. Just like everything else, you can also shop for fancy-wear online. However, be cautioned of being cheated by phishing sites that pop up every now and then.

Panache Haute Couture is one such online store that offers bridal sarees, lehengas, indo-western gowns, suits and everything that can fancy you at really affordable prices.


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Bridal Lehenga Cholis: Fashioned With Specifications for your Special Day

Indian weddings are known for their pomp and show. Weddings in India are considered as the most auspicious occasion in one’s life. Customs and traditions in Indian weddings make them even more interesting.

The bride and groom are certainly the most important personalities in a wedding ceremony. It is essential for them to dress their best on their special day. For the groom, ethnic achkans, sherwanis, embellished kurtas are considered the most suitable outfits. While for the bride, bridal lehenga choli is considered the most appropriate dress.

Bridal lehengas are considered as the most glorious attires in the Indian ethnic wear. They are basically a combination of embellished traditional ghagra or a long skirt and a blouse or the top.

Every bride desires to look special on this auspicious occasion. In order to cater to this demand, designers use impressive combinations of fabrics like crepe, net, silk, satin etc. They also use striking color combinations while crafting these beautiful dresses. The color red is considered the color of love and is the most extensively used for Indian brides.

Yet, the changes in fashion have changed the mind sets of the brides-to-be. The present day brides prefer wearing unconventional colors on their special days. To meet their requirements, designers are now offering their collections in exclusive colors like green, turquoise, orange, yellow, pink, beige etc.

The embroidery and the embellishments are the most integral part of a bridal lehenga. It is basically the artwork of the embroidery that the artists use to transform a normal lehenga to a bridal lehenga. Superfluities like beads, stones, sequins are used to create impressive motifs to decorate the attire. The motifs are used on the borders as well as on the neckline.

An aspect to be noticed is if same embellishments are used, how do these dresses differ from each other? It is the cuts and designs that make these dresses differ from each other. Different styles prevalent these days are: Cinderella style lehengas, Mermaid styled lehengas, High and Low Hem lehengas, Jacket style lehengas, and more. One can also experiment with the cholis, its length and its neckline.

You can get bridal lehengas in a comprehensive range of designs easily from the leading online stores. The foremost reason to opt for online shopping is that it provides good discounts on the products. Hence, there is nothing wrong in buying a bridal lehenga choli online.

For buying bridal lehenga choli online, visit Panache Haute Couture. It is a fabled ethnic online store that offers exclusive collection of designer lehenga cholis, salwar kameez, sarees and gowns.

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Things to Consider While Buying Wedding Lehenga Cholis

Indian lehenga cholis are the most delicate and delightful bridal outfits worn by the brides in India. A set of bridal lehenga choli comprises of an ankle length flowing skirt, known as the lehenga, a blouse known as the choli and a beautiful dupatta to be draped around the neck.

However, not all patterns suit all body types; the best way is to select a color and fabric of your choice, and get the dress customized in your preferred style. Decked on are the various tips to be considered while choosing a bridal lehenga choli.

The Color: One of the most important aspects to be considered while choosing lehenga choli is the color of the outfit. The online markets these days are flooded with a variety of beautiful shades and types to suit different skin tones. It is vital to choose colors that complement your complexion.

Dark shades like hues of maroon, blue and green are ideal for women with a dusky complexion, women with fairer complexion can opt for reds, pinks, pastels, corals and peaches.

The Design: Wedding lehenga cholis are available in unique designs and patterns to match individual preferences. Embellished patterns in crepe, velvet and silk are the most popular varieties of bridal outfits adorned by most of the women today.

The cholis are designed intricately with precious and semi-precious stones, according to individual likings. Customization is also a big trend these days, one can get the dress designed as per their taste.

Style and Pattern of the Lehenga: Wedding lehenga vary from person to person, depending on their body type and complexion. A-line lehengas suit all body types as it fits around the waist and then flows out around the hemline.

Another style is a straight cut lehenga, which is usually adorned by women with a slimmer body type. A mermaid style or a fish cut lehenga adheres to the body from the waist to the knee and then flares around the end.

Style and Pattern of the Choli: The blouse or the choli of the outfit is also designed differently in different types of lehengas. Single shoulder’, off shoulders, backless and deep necks are some of the most popular designs and patterns among these outfits.

Besides lehengas, bridal sarees are also prevalently worn by women in the country today. Planning to buy your Wedding Lehenga Choli Online? Panache Haute Couture has a huge variety of lehenga cholis, suits, sarees and gowns. Visit the site here.


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The Bright Colored Lehengas to Be Worn During the Mehendi

Imagine a bright sunny day and a mehndi ceremony taking place in the lush green lawns. The gorgeous damsels in attendance are dressed up in the bright colored costumes. The vibrant feeling that comes with these hues is Impeccable!

Indian weddings are all about happiness spread through colors. The elaborate ceremonies involve lot of dressing, makeup, dance and unlimited fun. To make these moments picture perfect, right type of attire is of utmost importance. So, these summers lighten the bright side of yourself and pep up the arena with all the lively and sparkling shades of the palette.

Whether you are the upcoming bride, the bridesmaid or any other guest at the event, the feeling to look the best is always in the mind. So, choosing the appropriate colors for the ceremonies multi-folds the charm of the wearer.

The following colors are hot favorite this season.

Neon Pink:

Pink_color-PHC003_largeIt is the funkiest color with a stylish fashion quotient. The brightness of this color makes the attire instant Attractive!! Pink also being the “Girl’s Color” has always been the instant choice of the females. However, neon pink has that Oomph factor which makes the costume Desirable!

Marigold Yellow:

yellow_color-PHC001A_largeThe ultimate color to be tried in a mehendi or a haldi function. As per tradition, the girl should wear yellow or green garment for these ceremonies. So following a specified color theme is so much of fun. Yellow being a bright hue brings in lot of liveliness and energy. Getting a single colored attire or contrasting it with different shades is yet another exciting task.

Parrot Green:

Another beautiful shade which defines the glamour quotient of the garment. The funkiness of this shade is its forte! The vibrancy of this shade makes it dazzling and hence attention-seeking instantly! A very extra ordinary and a beautiful shade to seek limelight and look glamorous.

Neon Orange:

A beautiful refreshing shade that brings in a lot of fun factor to the costume. Many beautiful combinations and contrasts are possible with this shade. The tanginess of the orange can be felt in the costume which makes the wearer go lively.

Neon Turquoise:

Turquoise though being an English color has made its way into the Indian traditional costumes successfully. It is an electric shade with lot of variations. The peppiness and the glam factor associated with this color is Phenomenal!!

Golden is one shade that has always made its way in the Indian costumes. The use of this color dates back to ancient times and it is still considered auspicious. The beauty and charm of Indian party wear or wedding attires is incomplete without the use of this particular hue. Adding golden motifs to the costume immediately increases its appeal.

With this style guide we have been trying to offer the best of ongoing trends. The combination and contrast of the above shades that suit you will make you look not only stylish but elegant too! We at Panache Haute Couture offers fabulous party wear lehengas for all and any type of occasion. The exclusive and handpicked pieces are sure to make you feel excited to get one immediately. Just put on your shopping gear and turn on the excitement to choose the best among the best!

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The Latest Designer Attire to Try for the Weddings

Got an invitation for best friend’s wedding and you are dubious about your looks and the dresses you need to wear on the various occasions. You will frantically start searching about the designs in vogue. Spend endless time and sleepless nights just worrying about the moment and your appearance. Hold on! take a breath, we will help you with the latest trends to fine tune your search and make you look like the perfect bridesmaid.
Being a close accomplice to the bride allows you explore many aspects of the latest trends as you ought to look equally impressive and charming as the other women in the arena. To make the search easier we are giving you the latest trends that have made way into the ramps and are amongst the latest trends to make a designer statement !!

Neon colored lehengas are the hot favorites. The shiny and glowing shades have an effervescent effect. What’s cool about these shades is that they are far away from the traditional and usual party hues. So, making the presence feel using an unusual choice is sort of a Sophistication enhanced.

Abstract printed designer lehengas are yet another newest trends to be explored. The funky, classy and cool abstract when made into a full-fledged costume makes a vivid impression. Abstracts are eye-catching, so creating a designer piece with it create magic and works Awesome!

Designer jacket lehenga is an awe-inspiring creation of the latest times. The mix and match fusion has created a niche for itself in the fashion world. The various cuts and shapes enhance the overall look of the costume. Many famous designers are creating various types of lehengas with different choli style and incorporating it with the different styles and lenghts of jackets.

Sequin based lehengas are quite a Rage! The glittery and shimmery effect of the sequin gives a glam and an enhanced look. The bold becomes so beautiful when the magic of the glitter works! A sequined crop top with bold necklines or a halter type can make you classy and sexy as well! The overall feel of these shimmers is attracting. If you are wearing a sequin based attire for a night function, then trust me you can be show stealer among the guests.

We hope our style guide has relieved you of the anxiety now. Just go by your instincts now about the looks that will best match your personality. To get the best costume of your choice Panache Haute Couture is the place where your search ends in a thorough satisfaction as we give an exclusive collection of designer lehenga choli online. A wholesome variety of designer pieces by famous designers have been handpicked to narrow down your search (or maybe make your task even difficult to choose the best among the best!) So, just browse the collection, order and get ready to groove the party.

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Lehenga Choli: Rich In Culture Yet Contemporary

Designer attire are like assets for the females. It’s the fantasy of every girl to have a wardrobe full of exclusive, expensive and exquisite clothing. Now-a-days a varied number of options are available to choose from. The cultural mix of Indian and Western dresses has also created great and fantabulous possibilities. A female can choose from the traditional saree, to an ethnic salwar kameez or an Indo-western gown or a lehenga choli. The range also varies from designer to readymade or customized pieces. But, it is the exquisiteness of the traditional lehenga that makes it win over lot of other costumes.

Lehenga Choli is a beautiful and traditional Indian wear. It is also the hottest fashion trend to adorn during an occasion. The exoticness of lehenga choli is eye-catching. The conventional costume gives a new definition to the wearer. Generally, we don’t wear these clothing on daily basis, so, getting decked up in designer attire, beautiful shoes and completing the look with smart make-up not only uplifts the mood but also Attitude.

Lehenga choli has always managed to get a place in a girl’s wardrobe. Right from the early ages to young women, the flamboyancy of this attire has succeeded to tempt the on-looker and the wearer as well. Lehenga choli finds its roots in Rajasthan, but now it is global. The comfort factor of draping and carrying it, makes it win over The Saree ! The ethnic beauty of the wearer, carrying a lehenga with grace is simply Exemplary !!!

Designer lehengas are a piece of exclusive craftsmanship. The richness of the attire depends on the color, fabric and embroidery. Marvelous pieces are created using various options. Also the fusion of Indian and modern clothing has made it a ‘masses apparel’.

The customization of the lehenga is easily possible. One can experiment with different colors, cuts and length of choli, style of the skirt or lehenga and dupatta too. It totally depends on the choice of the wearer what style to choose from.

For the traditional style a smart choli is adorned with a full length and flairy skirt with a heavy dupatta. The dupatta can be taken as a pallu over the head which adds to the conventional look. Generally, it is the Indian bride which carries a pallu to give a typical customary feel of the culture. In this old style of draping the lehenga generally the mid-riff is uncovered which adds to the sensuousness of the wearer.

In the contemporary style a number of options are conceivable. The skirt can be transformed from full flair to fish-cut or simple A-line. It depends on the wearer which style to choose depending on the physical attributes and personal choice. The choli can also be personalized according to taste, occasion, weather etc. Ranging from a halter neck to sleeveless or a long shirt all the picks are possible.

The dupatta is also a customizable entity. Though in the traditional look it is important to carry one but in the modern look, the look can be completed without carrying it too!! Dupatta adds on to  elegant look of the wearer. It can be simple yet ethnic or heavy and flamboyant. It’s the requirement of the wearer how to lock in the look with it.

Designer lehenga choli are available at various stores in the market and online. We at Panache Haute Couture offers a wide range of lehengas to adorn on special occasions and look Pretty !

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Bridal Lehenga Choli: Perfect Outfit To Wear For Special Day

Bridal_Lehenga_Choli2After saying yes to your important other’s wedding offer, the another activity that you will be occupied with is preparing the wedding. Because of the vibrant and distinctive nature of the ceremony, increasingly western brides are actually going for conventional Indian marriages. In place of a white wedding outfit, they can wear red or gold lehenga cholis, wedding sarees or other wonderful outfits for Indian marriages.

Conventional compared to Modern Bridal Lehenga Cholis

Presently, whether you are a western bride arranging a conventional indian marriage or in the event that you are an Indian bride, the major detail that you truly need to consider is the bridal collection that you are going to wear. In this Asian nation, wedding brides from different areas wear different marriage outfits. Nevertheless, the most well-known is the bridal lehenga choli. Additionally called a ghagra choli, this bridal collection comprises of several items.

To start with, there’s the lehenga which is a long skirt worn over the choli. The choli is a sewed and fitted blouse which is in turn worn over the lehenga that leaves the midriff uncovered. A few more items, accessories and cosmetics are used to improve the magnificence of a bride on her Indian marriage. You can actually take your pick from conventional or modern bridal lehnga cholis.

The variations between the two in terms of style, fabric and design:

Regardless of which area in India it is that you are from, you are likely to have a fabulous wearing the conventional lehenga choli. There is a sure relaxing feeling that most wedding brides would feel once they go through the conventional customs of wearing the intricately-made lehenga choli. As specified before, a lehenga choli comprises of a cropped top, a flowing skirt and a piece of material worn over the shoulder.

The conventional styles of lehnga cholis include skirts which have an A-line shape, a mermaid style, a full flare and and a fish tail shape. During the old times, only elegant Mughals wore lehenga cholis for their marriage. Throughout the years, nevertheless, it has turned into the conventional collection worn by brides in most parts of India.

The modern collection for Indian brides. In the event that the conventional bridal lehenga cholis are created from silk, satin and other conventional materials, today’s ones are created with more complicated embellishments. The material is ultra extravagant, with fabrics which range from silk to satin, and chiffon to brocade. The surface of the material is created with mirrors, embroidery, zari work, beading, so on. The dupattas for contemporary brides are usually created from silk and satin which seems delicate and supple to the touch. Modern bridal lehenga cholis are additionally depicted by splendid shades which are connected with eminence.

The extensive range of bridal lehenga cholis are available in the market and online too. For the comfort of the buyers, leading online store like Panache Haute Couture is offering the exclusive collection of bridal lehenga choli online.

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