Why Anarkali Suits Are Always The Best Choice for Indian Festive & Wedding Season

Anarkali Suits Online

The availability of so many choices can create a dilemma in buyer’s mind. Therefore, you are recommended to be familiar with some clothing aspects that can help you purchase stylish anarkali suits easily. A brief description of some common aspects is given below.


If you are buying the anarkali suit for any wedding party or a festival, then you can choose anarkali suits in georgette and net fabric. For a Puja occasion, suits in silk and chiffon fabrics will be fine.

Designs and Patterns

If you are buying a salwar kameez for wedding party or a festive occasion, then you can choose Bollywood designs. Some fashion stores also provide latest salwar kameez designs under bridal collection that can easily woe the heart of a woman in first look. You can also give a try to Pakistani style anarkali salwar kameez.

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Why Anarkali Suits Are Always The Best Choice for Indian Festive & Wedding Seasons


Are you thinking of purchasing the perfect anarkali suit for a special occasion like festival, party or puja in US or Australia? If yes, then you can switch to online fashion portals where you can find an extensive range of beautiful anarkali suits in your budget just like the Panache Haute Couture. Moreover, you will get to choose the right design of anarkali suits that will look appropriate on your body.


If you are buying the anarkali suit for any wedding party or a festival, then you can choose anarkali suits in georgette and net fabric. For a Puja occasion, suits in silk and chiffon fabrics will be fine. But for casual wear, women should seek cotton anarkali suits online on Panache Haute Couture. Velvet anarkali suits in dark colors can be great options for winters. You can also look out for designs in trending brocade fabric.

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Vital Points to Remember While Shopping For a Wedding Lehenga Choli Online

Lehenga Choli Online

There are several traditional attires to select from, but the trendiest and yet traditional bride prefers to go for a lehenga choli. There are many reasons to go with this type of outfit. This is a royal outfit that makes the bride feel special and the recent developments in the fashion industry have made it possible to look traditional and trendy at the same time in this beautiful outfit.

So, shop for a perfect wedding lehenga choli according to your taste and preferences. Besides, do not ignore the following things at the time of purchase:

Select The Fabric well

While looking for your lehenga, the vast majority of us consider the work, weaving and stones, yet we forget to concentrate on the fabric of the lehenga. While selecting a lehenga choli pay attention on the fabric as well. If you want to purchase lehenga in thick and heavy fabric, it will additionally increase the heaviness of your lehenga. Hence, it is better to select a light weight fabric like silk, georgette or chiffon.

Embroidery and Work on Lehenga

Purchasing a flawless wedding lehenga choli online is a difficult task and majority of us choose the lehenga based on embroidery and work done on the lehenga. While going with the fancy work, many times we forget to consider the level of comfort. The more heavy work is, the heavier your lehenga will be. So, try to purchase something that is a perfect blend of good work with comfort.

Weight of the Lehenga

Most of us want to purchase a designer lehenga. While selecting the best one, we forget to consider the weight part. If your lehenga will be too much heavy, then you will not feel comfortable in it and most of the time you will remain busy in managing your lehenga choli. So, make your decision accordingly that you need to purchase the heavier one or one that is comfortable.


Go For Lesser Worker on Your Choli

Don’t go for heavy work on the choli or blouse of your lehenga. You can rather opt for the one which has nice fabric and minimum work on the choli. If your choli will be too much heavy with embroidered or gotta zari work on it, then this will make you uncomfortable to wear it for the longer time as it might cause itching and irritation as well. So, you must look for a choli with lesser work.

Type of Dupatta

Dupatta plays a pivotal role in your overall bridal look. A nicely and beautifully crafted lehenga is also very important. Most of the brides go for hairdo and heavy buns, so a heavy dupatta will increase your burden and can give you headache. So, if your dupatta is too much heavy with a lot of heavy zari gotta and embroidery, you can go for a second dupatta and drape both differently.

Weather at the Time of Wedding

Last but not the least, always consider the weather in your mind while shopping for your wedding lehenga choli. If your wedding is in summer, then purchase a lehenga in a heavy fabric will increase your restlessness. Weather is a very important factor to keep in your mind while purchasing a wedding lehenga.

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Want to Add a Little Wow Factor to Your Bridal Lehenga? Here Are Few Tips to Follow

Want to Add a Little Wow Factor to Your Bridal Lehenga? Here Are Few Tips to Follow

Want to Add a Little Wow Factor to Your Bridal Lehenga? Here Are Few Tips to Follow

Buying a Designer Saree Online: A Perfect Way to Enhance Beauty

India is a country, which is known for the uniqueness of its culture, customs and traditions and even India is rich in terms of traditional outfits too. When we talk about Indian outfits, it is quite probable that Saree will come first in every one‘s mind. First, let’s clear the concept on what does this actually means?

Peach Color Designer Saree

It is basically a piece of 9 or 6 meter cloth, which has to be wrapped around the body.  It comes in different designs, fabrics, color combinations, etc. In the older times, sarees   used to come in very limited fabrics and designs. But now with the passage of time many new fabrics are introduced in order to give those designer and elegant look. Some of the fabrics are silk, chiffon, georgette, cotton, khadi, chanderi silk, velvet, net, woolen and a lot more.

There is no better way to become an attention seeker, just because of your designer Saree. The best way is to opt for the most stylish designer Saree, this attire has been getting good response of online buyers and high demand because they are perfectly tailored and designed. Women who are  making up their mind  to dress up in a Saree  in order to make the occasion  perfect and meaningful ; actually not only the tradition function but  also to add something interesting in their office wear collection  because sarees  are preferred as an office wear attire these days.

Red and Green Wedding Saree

Almost every woman must have various designer sarees in her Almeria. But some women aren’t satisfied with a just an ordinary sari, they choose to invest more money to have unique collections of beautiful saris  .That’s why  various online stores have been introduced in order to make shopping an easy approach .

Panache Haute Couture an exclusive  online ethnic wear store that specially deals with wide range of Sarees , Lehenga Choli, Anarkali Suits, Indo-Western Gowns , Punjabi Suit and a lot more at the most affordable prices

With the exclusive demand for these outfits, more and more designers are presenting their collections so, you will be amazed to explore new collections of designer sarees and you will be surprised with the availability of many innovative embodied works from different designers.

In order to add best collection of designer sarees in your Almeria, you ought to visit the store once and for more insights, you can anytime log on to their website.

Enjoy your shopping!

Why to Choose Lehenga Choli as a Wedding outfit?

Every girl wants to look her best on her wedding day. So, it’s only preferable that the attire is chosen after much thought. Be more innovative, try out different drapes, keep the lehenga embroidered heavily and go subtle on the choli for getting a royal look on your wedding day.

Indian Lehenga Choli is one of the best preferred outfits in the traditional events of the Indian sub-continent. A lehenga is a form of skirt Balancing with choli and dupatta, which is long embroidered and plated. Indian Lehenga Choli can be made out of a wide collection of drapery.



If you are ready to choose the best one, here are few tips which can help in making a good choice.

Type of Drapery

Silk and satin are the most anticipated for Indian weddings and get-togethers or celebrations. Chiffon and georgette give a comfortable feel. The cholis seem to be exceptional because of embellishments and embroidery. The dupattas are soft and light and mainly made with light-weight draperies. Nowadays, net lehengas are more flagrantly used. The net covers the satin outfit and embellished with altered designs.

silk bridal lehenga

Type of Motif

In respect of motifs, every single region of the sub-continent has a past. Floral embroidery is the most communal form used though it differs in terms of size, pattern, thread, and work. The designs are inspired by rich culture and heritage whereas the latest ones used with types of straight or dotted combinations. The motifs are hand-crafted in most of the places, and yet, machine work has become popular due to increase in demand.


Type of Embellishment

Most of the plain or printed lehengas have simple and clearheaded embellishments. Jewels, beads, shells or pre-designed configurations of metals and plastic are embedded to elaborate charm and elegance. If the subordinate outfit is lightly embellished then choli is heavily ended with altered kinds of zari, zardozi or embroidery work. The dupattas are also heavily designed.


Type of Design

This is one of the vital essentials before making a lehenga. The person draining the outfit decides about the type of shape and design. The most appropriate lehengas are straight-cut and fish cut ones. For over-weight women, round shape or free flowing lehengas are impeccable. The design also depends on the interest and inclinations of the women planning to wear it.



Type of Color

A color is another vital essential for choosing lehengas. During the weddings, women errand to wear red, pink, magenta and orange to look smart and flashy. For general purpose, colors like blue, green, purple or yellow are preferred. Currently, an exceptional and classy look to lehenga has two or more colors.

Type of Occasion

The festivals are not once celebrated without Indian lehengas in altered parts of the region. Red is frequently worn out during religious festivals, weddings and anniversaries. For many other occasions, women choose lehengas according to taste and liking of the person. During the wedding ceremony, Gujarati women desire to wear white with red zardozi boundary during the wedding ceremony.

Summing Up:

It is problematic to envisage traditional and personal occasions without traditional outfits like lehengas, sarees, and salwar suits. It is imperative to choose these outfits according to the occasion in the right combination of design, colors, embellishments, and drapery to stand out of the crowd. Its exotic designs and dazzling appeal have also reached beyond the borders and many women around the world wear it.

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Anarkali suits are now considered as one of the most demanding outfits in India for women. Its uniqueness makes it different from others because of its long length. The dress, basically, is divided into three aspects – the upward segment or the yoke known as the ‘choli’, the skirt like a body part that flows from the waist to the ankles, the bottom, and a dupatta to compliment the whole attire. 

These suits are available in various forms at offline as well as online retail stores and the various forms of these suits include:

Designer Anarkali Suits

Designer Anarkali suits comprise of heavy embroidery designs that constitute colorful threads of gold and silver to make it attractive. Colorful stones, patches, and other decorative items are also used to enhance its beauty. Most of the women wear these suits on auspicious occasions such a wedding, festivals etc.


Printed Anarkali Suits

Printed designs come under light embroidery that gives an elegant touch to an outfit. The designers are contributing their collections in imposing designs & shades to satisfy the buyer requirements. These striking colors are perfect to offer an appealing appearance.

While the variety or the type of the anarkali is an important factor, there are several other factors that make the attire a special one. Here are a few things about them:

Printed anarkali suit

Specialty of Anarkali Suits

These suits have a bulging skirt and the kameez is designed in such a way so that it gives a flowy appearance towards the bottom. The drape of dupatta is also a great way to reconstruct the appearance and add grace, mystique, and sophistication, as per the tastes of the individual. 

Current Inclination

The spirit to has disclosed that the latest designs of Anarkali approach are popular in India and abroad. Celebrities and NRI’s have made this an enriched trend.  The flowy appearance is heavily exaggerated.

Anarkali suits are made up of silk, cotton, georgette, chiffon, net, and other materials. Currently, the ones in demand involve net materials. The ‘kameez’ has an inner lining and can be of cotton, silk or any other glittery material. The top covering is made up of a net. Sometimes, the inner lining is made of a simple chiffon material and might have floral prints.


The governing brands are presenting their collections in short sleeves, sleeveless & in full sleeve composition.

The sleeves can either be of lining material or of the net as well. Full sleeves look nice with Anarkali salwar suits.The sheer look of the net material makes the dress more stunning.


The handwork that is used to initiate the imposing concept on the fabric beautifies it. These concepts are specially formulated using florid items like sequins, pellet, stones & colourful threads. Apart from designing, stitching is also very compelling. The manufacturers, by using modern stitching machines, enhance the outfit. Moreover, these are available in diverse compositions.



With the amalgamation of rich Indian ritual and modern designs, Anarkali suits have won the hearts of almost all the women in the world. In reality, an Indian woman’s wardrobe is incomplete unless it contains at least one Anarkali suit.


These suits add a royal and fashionable touch that can make you look graceful, mesmerizing & alluring. One of the biggest advantages of wearing this alluring outfit is that it fits every body type.

Here is some guide for ethnic wear apparel for different occasions.

Summing Up:

New alternatives are projected every day and all the varieties are becoming eminently popular. This technique is in fashion since the ancient era. However, fashion designers have added an idiosyncratic touch to it to keep this style alive in today’s market.

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India Fashion Designers: Sets a Remarkable Place in Fashion Industry


Indian wears, especially Indian women clothing becoming more popular over the globe for its elegant and exquisite styles. It has also become popular for its elegant cuts and comfort too. As a result, they are getting more popular in western countries too. The old conventional clothing types and way of dressing attire has drastically changed over the year. Today’s whatever collection of ethnic wears we are witnessing is the result of the innovation and creativeness of most artistic Indian designer who set a benchmark in the fashion industry by proceeding with the better approach to mold Indian clothing by keeping them yet traditional.

Unmatched Comfort and Unequaled Style

Now, most of the Indian women wears are customized according to flowing wave of fashion. Creative Indian designers have put their art into the Indian wear and brought in front something that cannot be denied at any cost and no wonder, the revival has helped the ethnic wears gaining their importance back. The evolvement of latest trends did what it was needed to do i.e., infusing the style element into traditional Indian Clothing that was lacking much in style. These combination presents today’s Indian wear to unmatched comfort with unequaled style because comfort is also most important to prioritize as along with the style standards. Their artistry caters to all-purpose whether to go for casual, formal or semi-formal occasions.

Reinvented Indian Attire

Inspired designs of Indian clothing has to strike their acceptance in Hollywood and even to the heart of First Lady Michelle Obama who is known for her eclectic fashion sense and recently spotted wearing Indian inspired designs. Indian wear is simply the epitome of beauty with grace. Designers discover to embed the traditional embroidery work and regional prints on fabric molded in the western patterns of design wears.


Trendy materials like georgette and chiffon have also widely used even for traditional ethnic clothing. Many of the Indian attires are reinvented almost still lying in the traditional patterns like conventional has dived into the several trends of westerns gowns such as crop top lehenga, fish cut lehenga, and more. Similarly, there are a lot of multitudes are opted for the fabric and patterns too.

Touch of Unique Indian Motifs and Designs

Today’s modern ethnic wear also utilize funky ethnic motifs and designs. These include Hindu mythological depictions, Mughal patterns, tribal art forms, nature-inspired motifs. Many of these magnificent kind print of flowering plant designs and Booti have become famous in the world and are used over in some of the western clothing too.


There’s truly something unique in designer creations that touch our aesthetics, every time when we set our eyes on some of these collections. Which is perhaps and each of us dreams to drape ourselves in designer attire, a dream which is not now much hard to fulfill in these times of online shopping. The trend of getting digital is outreaching globally, and India is no exception. People from all over the world are keenly following the presence of

The trend of getting digital is outreaching globally, and India is no exception. People from all over the world are keenly following the presence of Indian designer’s boutique online, and curated online stores have marked their distinct presence on the floor of designer marketing. It let the people a way to conveniently explore and shop different designs from various well-versed designers. This medium has brought the designer community to unroll their wonderful creations directly to the consumer at one wide and to form a closely linked network.

Thanks to these ace Fashion Designers who have made a colossal change in the Indian clothing for a good revive. Innovative artisans of Panache haute couture has also defined and popularized to fabricate designer Indian Clothing in an elegant way. You can also reach out to our platform for online designer boutique here!






Designer form of Kurtis Styles



Kurtis is a staple in every south Indian girl’s wardrobe. Be it for casual, formal or party wear, there are Kurtis for each and every occasion. Not only are they super easy and fuss free to carry but also Kurtis suit everyone in every season. All the major Indian Designer Boutiques have large collections of ready-made Kurtis at quite reasonable prices as well. Pair them up or pair them down with your favorite accessories and you are good to go. They say that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and so does our Kurtis! Let see how many different types of Kurtis you guys have in your wardrobe.

Source – https://goo.gl/isbaIX

Ethnic Wear Apparel for Different Occasions

pant style

There is no doubt to the fact that South Indian Ethnic Wear is well known all around the world for its grace and sophistication. Not only does it represents our vividly colorful culture but is also closely associated with our identity. If you want to know more about the types of apparel in South Indian culture then you have landed on just the right page. We have listed down 5 different levels of ethnic wear apparels and the best occasions to wear them. Read more at – https://goo.gl/244qyS

Take Away Trends in Indo Western Bridal Gowns

Latest fashion trends zone are something that we want to get updated about all the times. 2017 is the year for casual and relaxed with glamorous. Along with so much talk about fashion trends surrounding there is a need for a relaxed, unhurried vibe for women.

“Fashion and human life walk hand in hand”

On each day, each event and in every season, there is something new in fashion trends. Indian fashion trend is also stepping ahead in the international market. It has gone through various refinements in haute couture and certainly achieved a great benchmark.

The same changes in trends are also following in the wedding purposes. Different fashion trends are ruling all over the globe, but in India, ethics rule is dominant in wedding season. Indian ethnic holds a great & huge distinction of fashion trends in itself. Carrying the glimpse of ancient traditional clothing designs with the gratitude results in an emerging fashion industry worldwide.


But with the change in time, the conventional bridal wear, too, has evolved with a lot of variations. From a simple lehenga gowns to off-the-shoulder dresses/gowns all have the impact of running trends, similarly, Indo western bridal wear is something new with distinctive variation, you can try if you want a chic and remarkable look.

As stepped into the seventeenth year of the 21st century, our fashionistas are suggesting to bloom up the present fashion scenario. They cannot read the minds, but they can paint a quite pretty picture of 2017 fashion trends after a long journey in the world of fashion.Rapid translation of design trends in multi-channel mold Younger brides to look more classy and graceful because, with the glitz and glamor around her, the Bride has to maintain the central focal point of the wedding day.

For this, they can opt varieties of Indo western lehengas or gowns for their wedding purpose or any occasion. These dresses suit on all complexions and perfectly complement the Indian body type. This sets the pace for a new season, and it’s going to look a little unique from the style world as you know it.

Indo western Bridal Wear. What is it?

It is a form of attire that has the modernity of being ethnic as well as with a touch of western style and formed into an Indo-western wear. A creative usage of materials, cuts, and styles in these bridal wedding dresses are opting to give a funky along with traditional style. These dresses are in the form of traditional Indian wear but implemented with the innovative western styling. It is a truly refreshing choice for the modern bride. It can give a bride a contemporary look and still add a flavor of the Indian culture and tradition.


We have seen Indo-western gowns in various trends, style, cuts and colors last year. Now this, the year our designers give great ideas to all fashion lovers and brides-to-be.

Here we are suggesting some perfect ways incorporate some flaunting trend in Indo western bridal gowns for 2017.

Cape Dresses:


It is the latest trends in Indian with the touch of western trends. Cape pattern is coupled with lehenga, to give a princess look to the bride-to-be. This cape gown goes perfectly for the wedding reception or any party occasion.

Layered Lehenga:


Layered lehengas give a full covered and very rich look to the bride. It has captured the world fashion trends of the current times. Such layered lehengas are the perfect choice for the wedding day too.

Gown sarees:


It is a perfect blend of saree and gown that gives a real indo-western look to the brides. It will give a perfect look for the Sangeet day or any wedding function with ease.

Trail lehenga:


It is a mesh up of royal and rich look from the Indian lehenga with the exquisite combination of trail lehenga. It is incorporated with heavy golden embroidery that gives off a royal touch to a bride look.

Bandh galas in velvet:


This fashion has started recently in females, the moment when Kareena Kapoor first saw with a flaunting Jodhpuri dress. She was looking fantabulous in this attire. It’s involvement with velvet fabric going to be very unique. Get the tips to add volume to your lehenga.

All these patterns of Indo-western bridal gowns will be going to be favorites in the year of 2017 with full embellishments at the top part of the dress and rich bottom flare attaining matching heavy embroidery of butta work.

When you have resolved to make better every area of your life with this Year then, why not to go for your fashion choices? For Panache Haute Couture, it matters hugely, because we truly believe that well turned out in perfect attire makes half the battle won on most occasions. So enjoy these unique designs and choose your favorite couture from here.




Panache Haute Couture is one of the leading fashion house and designer boutiques offering online shopping for Indian ethnic wear.