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All the top designers participate on these shows displaying their best and trendy works. Due to the easy accession of the internet as well as e-commerce lately, a large number of ladies in Pakistan are getting used to Buy Anarkali Suits, Kameez, Party Wear Lehenga, Ghagra Cholis, Bridal lehenga Choli Online etc. at a brisk rate. Read more about –Famous Pakistani show & designer

Indo western Gown For Birthday Parties

Who doesn’t wish to wear gorgeous clothes on Birthday? We all love this day so we don’t wish to miss even a single moment that can make it a more special one.

For girls, an outfit plays the biggest part on a special day since she is on the radar of everyone’s eyes, so every girl tries to look best on her birthday party.

Choosing a casual suit as a birthday outfit won’t grab much of the attention. Panache Haute Couture has brought some fabulous Indo western gown collection to make birthday girl an angel on the big occasion.


This floor length gown in the black textured hand embroidery would be the right choice for any female to wear for her birthday celebration. It would look best almost for any type of skin. The gown has a can-can layer beneath and side zip closure. If you are in a dilemma what to wear and what not to wear, then go for it without thinking much.


You can become a princess of the birthday reception by appearing in this blue floor length flared gown. This outfit possesses everything, which is required in a party suit. The flowery pattern in the shades of pink & green textured sequin floral embroidery, nice neck style, and matching waistband are the kind of allurements that simply provide an excellent look to any girl. To buy this Indo Western Gown Online, only one click is enough and this nice couture will be delivered at your doorstep.


This ultra-modern powder blue gown raw silk with marodi embroidered yoke and sequins sheeted border all around the hem can easily impress your guests.


An Extraordinary color combination in this long flared frock makes girl look beautiful in the shades of red and green textured floral embroidery. The systematically attached flares make this gown’s design more distinguished from the other types.


Go for this hi-class long flared gown to stun each and every guest in your party. Its beautiful color combination gives it a royal look. Moreover, this elegant attire will add a glow to your face.

Indo-western suits are the latest trend in Indian fashion. Designers categorize them based on which occasion you can wear them. You can learn how and when to wear them exactly to explore more.

Nothing brings out the princess in you like flowy ethnics do. Buy Indo Western Gown Online and make you feel on top of the world!


Why Designer Anarkali Suits Are So Popular Among Women

Ever questioned why all the women, from college going girls to celebrities, are often seen in charming Anarkali style suits in different events? What makes them fall for these suits?  Why are these dresses so popular? Women these days love wearing beautiful Anarkali suits on various occasions such as weddings and traditional events, functions, and festivals to name a few. The comfort these suits provide is tremendous and is the prime reason why women prefer them over sarees. Let’s comprehend the reasons behind the popularity of these dresses:


Easy to Carry

When it comes to Indian wear, sarees and salwar kameez are extremely popular. However, sarees can be really difficult to carry and straight cut suits may not suit every occasion. Contrariwise, an Anarkali suit makes you look exquisite while keeping the comfort together. The preeminent feature of these suits is that they are exceptionally easy to carry.

Indian Version of a Gown

If you glance at the look and style of the gown, there is no disbelief that these are the Indian versions of modern gowns and because of this, they are a perfect choice for formal events. The length, intricate handwork and embellishments, and the mishmashes of bright colors are perfect versions of Indo-western fusions that everyone is sure to love.

The Work

The look of these dresses is such that the work done on them is more visible. Anarkali suits are long in length, often floor touching, and hence, the designers have a lot of space to create beautiful patterns on.

Highlight the Positive Body Parts

Are you among those women who are not comfortable with showing back or waists because of the excessive fat or any other body issue? If yes, you can any day replace a saree with an Anarkali suit. In fact, these suits are perfect to camouflage your figure, while hiding the negative aspects at one fell swoop.

 Add a Royal Touch

Anarkali suits have been associated with the royal families for a long time, and this is why they look extremely classy and elegant while making you feel like a royal empress at the same time.

While we have just discussed 5 reasons for the popularity of Anarkali suits, there are numerous other reasons too that can make you fall in love with these suits. A big thanks to the popular e-stores, you can now buy Anarkali suits online as well as through offline retail stores.

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Tips to Use While Buying Designer Anarkali Suits

Picking the right outfit for any occasion or place is obligatory for women to look our best and beautiful. If you want to look and stand apart in the crown at any occasion, then you need to choose something appealing and different to wear. And anarkali suits are one good example of it. These suits are perfect for any party, wedding or festive celebrations. Decently designed Anarkali suits are good to make an impression, however to have a lasting impression, you need to have a designer anarkali suit.


Designer anarkali suits are perfect to give a dazzling look to your beauty. Also the royal elegance associated with these suits is nonpareil, as compared with other outfits. The online market is full of all types of Designer Anarkali Suits, and Panache Haute Couture is the best online store for your ethnic needs. Let’s discuss some of the useful tips that you can use while buying a trendy Anarkali suit.

The Type and Design

There is a plethora of types and designs of anarkali suits available in the market, so it becomes really difficult to choose the right one. It is always recommended to opt for an outfit that fits your personality. So, if you have a straight body structure, go in for a short frock style Anarkali. If you have an apple shaped body structure then you should opt for an A-line Anarkali.

Moreover, in the summer season, opt for comfortable, light and cotton-made Anarkalis. If you are going to parties, choose silk Anarkalis or designer ones in other fabric. If you are going for occasions like wedding, go for traditionally designed Anarkalis, inspired by Mughal arts and designs.

The Fabric and Color

These days Designer Anarkali Suits are available in a wide range of fabrics and colors, so it is necessary to choose both very carefully. If you have a slender body shape, then you can go in for heavier fabrics like brocades and silks. But if your body is curvy in shape, you can opt for lighter fabrics like crepe, chiffon or net.

When it comes to colors, there are a plenty of color combinations available. The best ones include gold and white, pink and green, red and black, as well as rich colors like orange, lavender, turquoise, red and more. Opt for a color that best suits your complexion.


The Length or size

Choose the right length Anarkali for your height. If you are short in height, then opt for knee-length Anarkalis or frock style suits and pair it with high heels. If you are good in height, then go in for a floor length Anarkali.

The Right Flare

Elegance and royal flares are the main attractions of Anarkali suits. However, the flare should depend on your personality and the occasion it is to be worn on.

The Neck Design

Usually an overlooked aspect, the neck of the design of your anarkali can make or break your look. The neck design of your dress creates a great impact on your appearance and height, because this is the area where maximum of the embroidery and embellishments are focused.

If you are short or medium heighted, opt in for ‘V neck’ anarkali suits, as they make your neck appear longer and amplify your overall look. On the other hand, if you have a good height, you can opt in for round neck anarkalis as well.

A Lehenga Choli Style Guide to Perfectly Flare Your Ethnic Look

The most loved traditional attire these days are lehenga cholis. Every woman wants to pick the perfect lehenga with the best style and the most vibrant color to look perfect on the whatsoever occasion. Lehenga Cholis date back to the Mughal times, but the fashion experts today have given it their own special touches. We now have numerous options available from the traditional to the modern styles. To ensure that you make the right choice, we have got a lehenga style guide for you.

The A Line Style Lehenga

This lehenga style has an A-line hem that forms a perfect A. the skirt is tighter around the waist and flares out towards the bottom. The number of pleats in this lehenga is quite less.


Special Feature: Elegant and Perfect, Easy to carry

Length of the Choli: Varying lengths (short and waist length)

Fabrics: New Silk, Brocade, Georgette, Chiffon, Cotton Jacquard

Perfect for: Pear Shape, Hourglass and Tall Body Structure

Worst Choice For: Apple and Rectangle (or Straight) Shape

Ballgown Style Lehenga

Ballgown style lehengas are among the most favored styles of women these days. Long flowing drapes, big flared skirts and beautiful form fitting blouses are the ingredients to choose the perfect bridal look. A variant of Cinderella gowns, this lehenga can be worn with a blouse and skirt or a gown teamed with a dupatta.


Special Feature: Adds volume below the waist

Length Of Choli: Short or waist length choli with subtle designing

Fabrics: Crepe, Silk, Georgette, Brocade, Jacquard

Perfect for: Apple (or V shape), Pear Shape, Hourglass Shape, Straight (or Rectangle) Shape

Worst Choice For: Women with very slim waists (the dress can look clumsy on tiny waists)

Jacket Style Lehenga

This one is the most versatile option and goes well with almost all the body types. The jacket style lehenga consists of a lehenga skirt teamed with a long jacket.


Special Feature: Adds length to the body

Length Of Choli: Knee long or ankle/ floor length jacket with subtle designing

Fabrics: Georgette, Chiffon, Crepe, Silk, Jacquard

Perfect for: All body types

Mermaid Style Lehenga

Replicating the mermaids, these lehengas are tight till the knees and flare out from the calves in the form of a fishtail. These lehengas are tighter at the hips and the waists and hence must be worn with a proper bodysuit beneath.


Special Feature: Flows with the body curves

Length of Choli: Short or waist length choli

Fabrics:  Georgette, Chiffon, Jacquard

Perfect for: Hourglass Shape, Apple Shape and Straight (or Rectangle) Shape

Worst Choice For: Too thin and Pear Shape body structure

Column or Sheath Style Lehenga

This lehenga consists of horizontal panels of fabrics attached horizontally on the flare of the lehenga. These panels help in adding volume to the flare. To give a colorful design, contrasting set of fabrics are used.


Special Feature: It creates a slimming Effect, Hides and Extra Flab

Length of Choli: Short or waist length Cholis

Fabrics: Brocade, Jacquard, Georgette, New Silk

Perfect for: Hourglass Shape, Pear Shape, and Petite Body Type

Worst Choice For: Apple Shape, Straight (or Rectangle) Shape, and Skinny Body Type

If you too prefer lehenga choli online shopping, then your destination is Panache Haute Couture. It is an online store for all your ethnic needs.

This Is Why Mermaid Style Wedding Lehengas Are So Famous!

Lehenga cholis are one of the most preferred wedding wear for Indian brides. Not only the girls in India but all the women with Indian origin spread worldwide love wearing this attire for their wedding. Lehenga Choli is also known by the names chaniya choli and ghagra choli. The ensemble consists of a well flared, long skirt, a fitted stylish blouse and a dupatta or a stole.

When selecting a wedding lehenga choli, women look for ensembles richly adorned with embroideries and other works of resham, kundan, zari and gota. These handworks make the lehengas utterly graceful. There are many styles of lehenga cholis available in stores. One of the trendiest styles for the modern Indian brides is the mermaid style or fish-cut lehengas.

Mermaid Style Lehenga as Wedding Attire

Designers around the world are trying to make wedding lehengas more and more beautiful to make the brides look spectacular on their special day. Mermaid style lehengas come with a brilliant silhouette offering a stunning look to the brides. It is the preferred style of the designers to adorn brides. The mermaid style lehengas are tight on the thighs (upto the knees) and then flares out after that. Simply put, it is designed to look like a mermaid’s bottom half. That’s the reason why this lehenga choli design is also known as Jalpari lehengas. The blouse of this lehenga usually features a deep neck and backline for a great appeal and style. Though available in simple and embellished variants, you can opt for it according to the occasion. For mehendi – sangeet like functions, you can opt for a simpler variant and opt for an adorned variant for weddings and elusive traditional parties.

Things to ponder when wearing a mermaid style lehenga

Just like any other classic wear, stylish a mermaid lehenga the wrong way can devoid you from getting that glittery look that you deserve for your wedding. Let’s have a look at a couple of things that you should keep in mind when selecting/ wearing a mermaid style lehenga:

  • The fall of the lehenga shall appear less than perfect unless you wear heels for over 2-3 inches.
  • Your lehenga should cover your heels properly, and hence, its length should be decided as per that.
  • Consider your body type before deciding the length of the choli.
  • A side-slit choli can add wonders to the lehenga that sits tight on the hips.
  • A matching handbag can enhance the look.

Considering all the above things in mind will certainly help you fetch a wonderful designer mermaid style lehenga to add to your bridal appeal. You can also buying your wedding lehenga choli online. There are many Indian ethnic online stores that offer latest, designer wedding wear. Panache Haute Couture is an online ethnic store that offers huge varieties of party wear and bridal lehenga cholis, suits, sarees, Indo western gowns and ethnic clutches.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Your Preferred Designer Lehenga

The designer lehenga is regarded as the utmost attractive clothing among Indian ladies. It is extensively required due to the fact that it provides amazing look to the person wearing them. These are viewed as the utmost suitable clothing for the favorable events like marriages.

The designer lehenga is basically attire including of ghagra & choli. The choli is actually the top while the ghagra is the skirt. These are regarded as the utmost fashionable clothing ever created by the indian designers. These are accessible in variety of styles & colors. The designers are putting out their best efforts to get to know the actual specifications of the customers. They are creating their collection in a wide range of styles & colors.

The shades are regarded as the essential part of the collections. These are vital for the reason that they are best in displaying the festivity. The designers use vibrant motifs so as to provide astonishing overall look to the collection. The designers are using multi toned shades to make perfect styles.

The embroidery is certainly the crucial part of the designer lehengas. These are generally the hand crafted works of art. The designers use embellished items like stones, beads, sequins to make amazing motifs in the collections. The embroidery designs are provided along the neck-line as well as on various other sections of the material so as to offer unique appearances to the collection.

The designer lehengas are accessible in a number of materials. The most prevalent material to manufacture these clothing is silk. The primary cause of this is that it is a skin friendly material. Another cause is that it can easily embrace the embroidery designs.

You can easily find the great variety of designer lehengas collections from the prominent stores. Another choice is to buy designer lehengas online. There are numerous causes to buy these online. The first and foremost is that you can quickly get a variety in different styles and designs. Another cause is that by shopping online you can acquire heavy discount as several online stores are offering their products at reduced rates.

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Latest Styles in Lehenga Cholis: Perfect Choice for Bride

A lehenga choli is an essential in every contemporary woman’s marriage trousseau. It’s selected by a lot of contemporary women recently. A big event like marriage is really imperfect without a cultural lehenga choli. A bride has to appear the best on her marriage ceremony and a lehenga choli truly does rights to the unmatchable bridal appeal. New materials and styles are reigning the fashion roost. You can experience stitched lehenga cholis to fairly paisley ornamented ones; there are choices in abundance that you normally use in your bridal collection. A lehenga choli truly makes for an ideal marriage outfit.

There’s a lot of wide range when it comes to perfect bridal lehenga cholis. Some of the modern bridal styles contain;

Straight-Cut Lehenga

The best part about straight cut lehengas is that they are appropriate for all body types. It flows down in a parallel way and looks graceful at the same time.

A-Line Lehenga

The A-Line lehenga is impeccable to go for girls having pear body shape. It goes completely suitable around your waistline area and moves down towards the hemline increasing in its wideness. It magnificently covers up for your base section and give you a totally healthy appeal!

Circular Lehenga

Circular lehengas look very captivating after wearing. A bride can wear it for her reception and team it up with swanky stilettos and a pretty dupatta. These styles of lehengas usually have a large circumference and give a very swanky appearance to your persona.

Mermaid Style Lehenga

A mermaid cut lehenga choli is appropriate for ladies with a curvaceous body. It sticks to your body from the waist and flares down at the bottom. A very trendy style, it gives a fabulously edgy appearance to the bride.

Jacket Style Lehenga

This style has recently come in the group of lehengas and is doing a good round of work in enhancing the charm of contemporary brides. All the elegant stylish divas are choosing for jacket style lehengas in which the skirt is kept flary and the blouse is interchanged for an attractively ornamented jacket.

You can easily buy lehenga cholis online at various online stores that are offering their collections at affordable prices. Buy latest lehenga choli online from Panache Haute Couture, a leading online store for Indian ethnic wear.







How to Choose the Magnificent Bridal Lehenga Choli for Your Wedding

Indian conventional wear is of numerous types. You have salwar kameez, sarees and the forever favored lehenga. The Lehenga Choli is very prevalent as bridal outfit in India. The Lehenga Choli is certainly beautiful outfit for all seasons and events. Indian ladies and girls love to wear this vivacious and colorful outfit on different occasions specially marriage. A bridal lehenga looks very graceful and stylish.

The Conventional lehengas

A set of Lehenga Choli consist of a choli, a flowing skirt and a roll over Dupatta. Lehengas are of diverse styles and designs. The best common assortments include the Full flare lehenga, Mermaid, A line and Fish tail. Each assortment has a diverse shape.

Bridal lehengas Comprises of Rich Fabric

Bridal lehenga comprises of rich material, most commonly brocade and silk, luxurious embellishments like zari work, heavy embroidery, mirror work and so forth. For events like marriages, ladies choose heavily embroidered bridal lehenga which is prepared of silk. Alike dupattas prepared of silk is also chosen by most of the brides.

The bridal wear lehengas are prepared of rich satin which provides it an ultra shine and appear gorgeous and sophisticated. Tissue, georgette, net and crape are the other commonly used materials for lehengas.

The two diverse assortments of bridal lehenga are Lancha and Sharara. The Lancha is tantamount to the conventional lehenga but its choli is a bit smaller and shows the midriff. Sharara is commonly worn by Muslim brides and its choli is longer than the usual one.

The most prevalent shades of the bridal lehenga includes shades of red and maroon but nowadays diverse shades are being amalgamated and used like green, blue, orange. Dual colors are also rather prevalent nowadays. A number of designer wear lehengas include diverse designs and modern styles to provide an exclusive appearance to the lehengas. Golden and silver embroideries enhance to the magnificence of the lehenga.

Bridal lehengas are accessible at different prices in the online stores. You can easily buy bridal lehenga in a comprehensive range of designs from the leading online stores. The main reason to opt for online shopping is that it provides products at discounted rates.

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Bridal lehenga choli looks gorgeous on a bride and provides her a complete splendid appearance. So, make your marriage exceptional by wearing such a splendid outfit, that people would remember forever.









Reasons for Prominence of Indo Western Dresses in India

Owing to the innovation of the designs with western combinations women attires have taken a great stand in the Indian market. The essentials of the Indo-western ensembles are trouser suits, short kurta teamed with a salwar, and more. However, the recent trends comprise of indo western gowns.

Indo western attires are combinations of Indian and western fashion trends. With the mounting publicity of the Indian fashion in the western lands, the assimilation of the clothing designs has become inevitable.

Gowns are the dresses from the western culture. These are considered as wedding dresses from the middle age, when it was a fully covered long dress in white, with full sleeves, and a full covered neck. The fashion industry took a great variation that there are many types of gowns available with rich designs. And this is why gowns have become the most lovable attire for the party wear.

Anyways, there can be numerous reasons to people are diverting towards the Indo-western dresses. Some of the main reasons may include:

Modernization in India

The Indian culture is a very old culture and is staying the same. However, the western culture is now changing to become more modern. The western media is now making Indian people dress modernly in t-shirts, shorts, jeans and the sort. This modernization has also enabled an increase in the economic growth of our country.

Influenced By Western Culture

The western culture is considered as the most advanced culture in the world, and hence they are conquering their impression on the Indian roots since the end of the 19th century. Western culture has shown a great influence on the Indian society. This can be for the multiple reasons like dreamy autonomy, fascination etc. which somehow lack in the Indian culture. Western culture conveys and promotes the ideas and values of an advanced civilization across the people of India.

Offers Attractive Look

We all have witnessed that some of the western clothing designs are plainly amazing. Indian attires like salwar kameez and sarees, give a more formal look. However, Indian designers have also started giving revolutionary designs for Indo western outfits. These outfits are so attractive that people accept it with open arms and love wearing them.

Convenient to Wear

Comfort comes first while selecting outfits. Sarees being formal are quite hard to drape. However, indo western dresses are super comfortable, making them apt for wearing for any occasion. These attires are majorly adopted by working women, as they have to play multiple roles in life. A woman has to play to roles of a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter in law and an employee of some organization. For them, their outfit needs to suit all the roles and should be comfortable at the same time.

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