The Bright Colored Lehengas to Be Worn During the Mehendi

Imagine a bright sunny day and a mehndi ceremony taking place in the lush green lawns. The gorgeous damsels in attendance are dressed up in the bright colored costumes. The vibrant feeling that comes with these hues is Impeccable!

Indian weddings are all about happiness spread through colors. The elaborate ceremonies involve lot of dressing, makeup, dance and unlimited fun. To make these moments picture perfect, right type of attire is of utmost importance. So, these summers lighten the bright side of yourself and pep up the arena with all the lively and sparkling shades of the palette.

Whether you are the upcoming bride, the bridesmaid or any other guest at the event, the feeling to look the best is always in the mind. So, choosing the appropriate colors for the ceremonies multi-folds the charm of the wearer.

The following colors are hot favorite this season.

Neon Pink:

Pink_color-PHC003_largeIt is the funkiest color with a stylish fashion quotient. The brightness of this color makes the attire instant Attractive!! Pink also being the “Girl’s Color” has always been the instant choice of the females. However, neon pink has that Oomph factor which makes the costume Desirable!

Marigold Yellow:

yellow_color-PHC001A_largeThe ultimate color to be tried in a mehendi or a haldi function. As per tradition, the girl should wear yellow or green garment for these ceremonies. So following a specified color theme is so much of fun. Yellow being a bright hue brings in lot of liveliness and energy. Getting a single colored attire or contrasting it with different shades is yet another exciting task.

Parrot Green:

Another beautiful shade which defines the glamour quotient of the garment. The funkiness of this shade is its forte! The vibrancy of this shade makes it dazzling and hence attention-seeking instantly! A very extra ordinary and a beautiful shade to seek limelight and look glamorous.

Neon Orange:

A beautiful refreshing shade that brings in a lot of fun factor to the costume. Many beautiful combinations and contrasts are possible with this shade. The tanginess of the orange can be felt in the costume which makes the wearer go lively.

Neon Turquoise:

Turquoise though being an English color has made its way into the Indian traditional costumes successfully. It is an electric shade with lot of variations. The peppiness and the glam factor associated with this color is Phenomenal!!

Golden is one shade that has always made its way in the Indian costumes. The use of this color dates back to ancient times and it is still considered auspicious. The beauty and charm of Indian party wear or wedding attires is incomplete without the use of this particular hue. Adding golden motifs to the costume immediately increases its appeal.

With this style guide we have been trying to offer the best of ongoing trends. The combination and contrast of the above shades that suit you will make you look not only stylish but elegant too! We at Panache Haute Couture offers fabulous party wear lehengas for all and any type of occasion. The exclusive and handpicked pieces are sure to make you feel excited to get one immediately. Just put on your shopping gear and turn on the excitement to choose the best among the best!


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