Finding The Perfect Lehenga Choli For Your Body Type

The wedding is perhaps that one day when every girl wants to look her absolute best. For this day she is pampered, nurtured and treated like a princess so that her body and mind glows from within and her beauty radiates at its best. All things apart, her attire is also one of the most pivotal factors in creating the perfect look for the Big D Day! Girls may pick the best designer label to flaunt the best lehenga choli in town, it will fail to create the impact it is supposed to if the style doesn’t suit their body shape.

It is really important for a bride to pick a lehenga choli according to her body type. Irrespective of an hourglass, pear, apple or rectangle frame, choosing the right lehenga style for your body type is the most essential step towards a glittery and elegant wedding look.

Let’s find out your body type and pick the right lehenga choli style accordingly:

  1. The Hour Glass Frame

Trust us, you are blessed to have the perfect body shape. A proportional bust, waist and hip ratio ensures that almost everything looks perfect on you. You should accentuate your very feminine body so fitted clothes are the key. A lehenga with a mermaid silhouette and a fitted short choli will highlight your shape perfectly.

  1. The Rectangle Frame

The rectangle frame is one of the easier body types for dressing. As a rectangle, you have a skinny athletic frame and your clothing should be such that creates more curves for a pleasing silhouette. You can easily do this by defining the waist and creating curves on the top or bottom.

For the lehenga, you can pick up a wide, full skirt in stiffer fabric to add volume to the bottom. Pair it with a fully embellished, plunging, low or tummy topper choli to create an illusion of curves.

  1. The Pear Frame

The pear frame, the most typically Indian body shape, is slender at the top and heavy at the bottom. The joy of dressing for your body type is to achieve a pleasing look that accentuates your looks. For the lehenga perspective, you should emphasize your shoulders, draw attention to your upper body and elongate the legs. An A-line lehenga that fits at the waist and is flared in an A-shape to them hem shall be the perfect choice for you. Top it up with puffy sleeves and heavy ornate choli to balance the overall look.

  1. The Apple Frame:

To be honest, an apple frame is not the easiest shape to dress and women with this shape will be aware of this. A woman with an apple frame has no defined waist, the weight tends to form on the stomach and the bust size varies from average to large.

For you, full flared lehengas are just perfect. The bottom being wide will make the waist look smaller and will make your body look more proportionate. You should avoid heavy embroidery around the waist and enjoy it around the hem of the lehenga. The dupatta can be draped from the front, covering the waist.

  1. The Inverted Triangle Frame:

The inverted triangle frame or a cone shaped frame is exactly opposite of the pear shape frame, with a broader top and a narrower bottom. If you have such a body shape, it is important for you to balance both the parts in the right way.

You can opt for a flared lehenga with a pleated waist and pair it up with a not-so-ornate choli maybe with a plunging neckline. This will enhance your shoulders and define your bust while driving all the attention to the bottom. Use softer fabrics to layer the top with jackets and capes to create a balanced look.

Knowing your body shape is just one aspect of dressing. Another vital aspect is where to buy dresses from. It is really important to choose high quality clothing for that head-turning glamorous look. For lehenga choli online shopping, visit Panache Haute Couture. A leading online ethnic wear store offers exclusive collection of Designer Sarees, designer Salwar Kameez, Bridal Collection as Bridal Sarees and Bridal Lehenga, partywear lehenga, party wear sarees, Bollywood Wedding Dresses etc.


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