Different Shades of Designer Lehenga Choli

Designer lehenga choli is among the most well-known and preferred dresses for events like festivities and weddings. This dress relates to celebration because in historical times it was a royal dress worn by the spouses and kids of the Mughal emperors. Hence, women prefer wearing this attire for special occasions as it would make them look and feel special as a royal duchess. The dress basically contains three parts, the lehenga (the pleated- flared skirt), the choli (the blouse) and the dupatta.

The foundation of the dress can be tracked to Gujrat and Rajasthan, but after the Mughals acquired the sun-continent, the popularity for the dress grew and it became the most preferred attire for the royal ladies. Although the attire has gone through a lot of alterations over the time, but nonetheless many designers follow Mughal designs and embroideries while designing a lehenga choli.

Formerly, the most well-liked fabrics for the dress were chiffons, silks, and jamawar; however, nowadays the textile industry features a number of other fabrics in the market which can easily add variety and volume to the dresses. Women still prefer to go traditional while designing their lehenga cholis and prefer using materials like chiffons and pure silk. Apart from this, the dress has also introduced numerous cuts and fashions within the designer lehenga cholis.

Famous cuts and designs in Designer Lehenga Choli

Mermaid Style Lehengas: These kinds of lehengas are fitted from the waistline till the knees and then flare out towards the bottom.

Panelled Lehengas: Panelled lehengas provide more fall and flare in the skirt. They are not made of a single fabric, but a number of panels stitched together in different colors.

Straight Cut Lehengas: Straight cut lehengas have a straight flare creating an illusionary slimming effect, hence suiting almost all body types.

Circular Lehengas: Circular lehengas have huge number of pleats around the waistline which adds to the volume of the lehenga, therefore creating a slimmer effect.

All these designs and styles of designer lehenga cholis are adopted by women all around Asia, however, the Mughlai influence can only be observed in the most recent designs. Women prefer fusing the current styles with this attire for various events and parties all around the world. One can buy these designer lehenga cholis online as well as in offline stores. If planning to buy online, consider Panache Haute Couture. It is an online store for traditional wears including party wear and bridal lehengas, suits, sarees and indo western gowns.


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