Reasons for Prominence of Indo Western Dresses in India

Owing to the innovation of the designs with western combinations women attires have taken a great stand in the Indian market. The essentials of the Indo-western ensembles are trouser suits, short kurta teamed with a salwar, and more. However, the recent trends comprise of indo western gowns.

Indo western attires are combinations of Indian and western fashion trends. With the mounting publicity of the Indian fashion in the western lands, the assimilation of the clothing designs has become inevitable.

Gowns are the dresses from the western culture. These are considered as wedding dresses from the middle age, when it was a fully covered long dress in white, with full sleeves, and a full covered neck. The fashion industry took a great variation that there are many types of gowns available with rich designs. And this is why gowns have become the most lovable attire for the party wear.

Anyways, there can be numerous reasons to people are diverting towards the Indo-western dresses. Some of the main reasons may include:

Modernization in India

The Indian culture is a very old culture and is staying the same. However, the western culture is now changing to become more modern. The western media is now making Indian people dress modernly in t-shirts, shorts, jeans and the sort. This modernization has also enabled an increase in the economic growth of our country.

Influenced By Western Culture

The western culture is considered as the most advanced culture in the world, and hence they are conquering their impression on the Indian roots since the end of the 19th century. Western culture has shown a great influence on the Indian society. This can be for the multiple reasons like dreamy autonomy, fascination etc. which somehow lack in the Indian culture. Western culture conveys and promotes the ideas and values of an advanced civilization across the people of India.

Offers Attractive Look

We all have witnessed that some of the western clothing designs are plainly amazing. Indian attires like salwar kameez and sarees, give a more formal look. However, Indian designers have also started giving revolutionary designs for Indo western outfits. These outfits are so attractive that people accept it with open arms and love wearing them.

Convenient to Wear

Comfort comes first while selecting outfits. Sarees being formal are quite hard to drape. However, indo western dresses are super comfortable, making them apt for wearing for any occasion. These attires are majorly adopted by working women, as they have to play multiple roles in life. A woman has to play to roles of a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter in law and an employee of some organization. For them, their outfit needs to suit all the roles and should be comfortable at the same time.

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