A Lehenga Choli Style Guide to Perfectly Flare Your Ethnic Look

The most loved traditional attire these days are lehenga cholis. Every woman wants to pick the perfect lehenga with the best style and the most vibrant color to look perfect on the whatsoever occasion. Lehenga Cholis date back to the Mughal times, but the fashion experts today have given it their own special touches. We now have numerous options available from the traditional to the modern styles. To ensure that you make the right choice, we have got a lehenga style guide for you.

The A Line Style Lehenga

This lehenga style has an A-line hem that forms a perfect A. the skirt is tighter around the waist and flares out towards the bottom. The number of pleats in this lehenga is quite less.


Special Feature: Elegant and Perfect, Easy to carry

Length of the Choli: Varying lengths (short and waist length)

Fabrics: New Silk, Brocade, Georgette, Chiffon, Cotton Jacquard

Perfect for: Pear Shape, Hourglass and Tall Body Structure

Worst Choice For: Apple and Rectangle (or Straight) Shape

Ballgown Style Lehenga

Ballgown style lehengas are among the most favored styles of women these days. Long flowing drapes, big flared skirts and beautiful form fitting blouses are the ingredients to choose the perfect bridal look. A variant of Cinderella gowns, this lehenga can be worn with a blouse and skirt or a gown teamed with a dupatta.


Special Feature: Adds volume below the waist

Length Of Choli: Short or waist length choli with subtle designing

Fabrics: Crepe, Silk, Georgette, Brocade, Jacquard

Perfect for: Apple (or V shape), Pear Shape, Hourglass Shape, Straight (or Rectangle) Shape

Worst Choice For: Women with very slim waists (the dress can look clumsy on tiny waists)

Jacket Style Lehenga

This one is the most versatile option and goes well with almost all the body types. The jacket style lehenga consists of a lehenga skirt teamed with a long jacket.


Special Feature: Adds length to the body

Length Of Choli: Knee long or ankle/ floor length jacket with subtle designing

Fabrics: Georgette, Chiffon, Crepe, Silk, Jacquard

Perfect for: All body types

Mermaid Style Lehenga

Replicating the mermaids, these lehengas are tight till the knees and flare out from the calves in the form of a fishtail. These lehengas are tighter at the hips and the waists and hence must be worn with a proper bodysuit beneath.


Special Feature: Flows with the body curves

Length of Choli: Short or waist length choli

Fabrics:  Georgette, Chiffon, Jacquard

Perfect for: Hourglass Shape, Apple Shape and Straight (or Rectangle) Shape

Worst Choice For: Too thin and Pear Shape body structure

Column or Sheath Style Lehenga

This lehenga consists of horizontal panels of fabrics attached horizontally on the flare of the lehenga. These panels help in adding volume to the flare. To give a colorful design, contrasting set of fabrics are used.


Special Feature: It creates a slimming Effect, Hides and Extra Flab

Length of Choli: Short or waist length Cholis

Fabrics: Brocade, Jacquard, Georgette, New Silk

Perfect for: Hourglass Shape, Pear Shape, and Petite Body Type

Worst Choice For: Apple Shape, Straight (or Rectangle) Shape, and Skinny Body Type

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