Tips to Use While Buying Designer Anarkali Suits

Picking the right outfit for any occasion or place is obligatory for women to look our best and beautiful. If you want to look and stand apart in the crown at any occasion, then you need to choose something appealing and different to wear. And anarkali suits are one good example of it. These suits are perfect for any party, wedding or festive celebrations. Decently designed Anarkali suits are good to make an impression, however to have a lasting impression, you need to have a designer anarkali suit.


Designer anarkali suits are perfect to give a dazzling look to your beauty. Also the royal elegance associated with these suits is nonpareil, as compared with other outfits. The online market is full of all types of Designer Anarkali Suits, and Panache Haute Couture is the best online store for your ethnic needs. Let’s discuss some of the useful tips that you can use while buying a trendy Anarkali suit.

The Type and Design

There is a plethora of types and designs of anarkali suits available in the market, so it becomes really difficult to choose the right one. It is always recommended to opt for an outfit that fits your personality. So, if you have a straight body structure, go in for a short frock style Anarkali. If you have an apple shaped body structure then you should opt for an A-line Anarkali.

Moreover, in the summer season, opt for comfortable, light and cotton-made Anarkalis. If you are going to parties, choose silk Anarkalis or designer ones in other fabric. If you are going for occasions like wedding, go for traditionally designed Anarkalis, inspired by Mughal arts and designs.

The Fabric and Color

These days Designer Anarkali Suits are available in a wide range of fabrics and colors, so it is necessary to choose both very carefully. If you have a slender body shape, then you can go in for heavier fabrics like brocades and silks. But if your body is curvy in shape, you can opt for lighter fabrics like crepe, chiffon or net.

When it comes to colors, there are a plenty of color combinations available. The best ones include gold and white, pink and green, red and black, as well as rich colors like orange, lavender, turquoise, red and more. Opt for a color that best suits your complexion.


The Length or size

Choose the right length Anarkali for your height. If you are short in height, then opt for knee-length Anarkalis or frock style suits and pair it with high heels. If you are good in height, then go in for a floor length Anarkali.

The Right Flare

Elegance and royal flares are the main attractions of Anarkali suits. However, the flare should depend on your personality and the occasion it is to be worn on.

The Neck Design

Usually an overlooked aspect, the neck of the design of your anarkali can make or break your look. The neck design of your dress creates a great impact on your appearance and height, because this is the area where maximum of the embroidery and embellishments are focused.

If you are short or medium heighted, opt in for ‘V neck’ anarkali suits, as they make your neck appear longer and amplify your overall look. On the other hand, if you have a good height, you can opt in for round neck anarkalis as well.


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