Why to Choose Lehenga Choli as a Wedding outfit?

Every girl wants to look her best on her wedding day. So, it’s only preferable that the attire is chosen after much thought. Be more innovative, try out different drapes, keep the lehenga embroidered heavily and go subtle on the choli for getting a royal look on your wedding day.

Indian Lehenga Choli is one of the best preferred outfits in the traditional events of the Indian sub-continent. A lehenga is a form of skirt Balancing with choli and dupatta, which is long embroidered and plated. Indian Lehenga Choli can be made out of a wide collection of drapery.



If you are ready to choose the best one, here are few tips which can help in making a good choice.

Type of Drapery

Silk and satin are the most anticipated for Indian weddings and get-togethers or celebrations. Chiffon and georgette give a comfortable feel. The cholis seem to be exceptional because of embellishments and embroidery. The dupattas are soft and light and mainly made with light-weight draperies. Nowadays, net lehengas are more flagrantly used. The net covers the satin outfit and embellished with altered designs.

silk bridal lehenga

Type of Motif

In respect of motifs, every single region of the sub-continent has a past. Floral embroidery is the most communal form used though it differs in terms of size, pattern, thread, and work. The designs are inspired by rich culture and heritage whereas the latest ones used with types of straight or dotted combinations. The motifs are hand-crafted in most of the places, and yet, machine work has become popular due to increase in demand.


Type of Embellishment

Most of the plain or printed lehengas have simple and clearheaded embellishments. Jewels, beads, shells or pre-designed configurations of metals and plastic are embedded to elaborate charm and elegance. If the subordinate outfit is lightly embellished then choli is heavily ended with altered kinds of zari, zardozi or embroidery work. The dupattas are also heavily designed.


Type of Design

This is one of the vital essentials before making a lehenga. The person draining the outfit decides about the type of shape and design. The most appropriate lehengas are straight-cut and fish cut ones. For over-weight women, round shape or free flowing lehengas are impeccable. The design also depends on the interest and inclinations of the women planning to wear it.



Type of Color

A color is another vital essential for choosing lehengas. During the weddings, women errand to wear red, pink, magenta and orange to look smart and flashy. For general purpose, colors like blue, green, purple or yellow are preferred. Currently, an exceptional and classy look to lehenga has two or more colors.

Type of Occasion

The festivals are not once celebrated without Indian lehengas in altered parts of the region. Red is frequently worn out during religious festivals, weddings and anniversaries. For many other occasions, women choose lehengas according to taste and liking of the person. During the wedding ceremony, Gujarati women desire to wear white with red zardozi boundary during the wedding ceremony.

Summing Up:

It is problematic to envisage traditional and personal occasions without traditional outfits like lehengas, sarees, and salwar suits. It is imperative to choose these outfits according to the occasion in the right combination of design, colors, embellishments, and drapery to stand out of the crowd. Its exotic designs and dazzling appeal have also reached beyond the borders and many women around the world wear it.

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